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  • 5-10 years
  • Regular college
  • Full time
  • 招1人
Job responsibilities:
1. Cooperate with the head of the Department to improve the system construction of company investment management, including long-term equity investment system, financial investment system, post-investment management system and so on, so as to ensure the smooth progress of investment and financing.
2. Study and analyze macroeconomic policies and industry development trends, investigate and screen company investment projects, find and develop relevant domestic investment opportunities, determine investment strategies in line with the company's strategic planning, organize and implement them, coordinate internal resources of the company, and improve investment in key projects.
3. Designing reasonable investment mode, investment framework, investment strategy, leading business negotiation of major projects, signing agreements and so on.
4. Write project documents such as feasibility analysis report of the proposed project to provide the basis for the management to determine the investment plan.
5. Processing the approval procedures for investment projects, collating and compiling the documents and materials for the various records according to the requirements, and completing the drafting of documents for the investment process.
6. Fully implement the requirements of financial control, operation control and contract execution after the investment of the company, and ensure the orderly operation of the project after the investment.
7. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.
1. Bachelor degree or above in investment, finance, finance, etc.
2. More than 5 years investment related work experience, with strong financial foundation;
3. Familiar with the work flow of investment projects, master various methods and tools of investment analysis, have a strong sense of compliance and risk identification and prevention ability;
4. Strong anti-pressure ability, strong sense of responsibility and execution, can quickly adapt to the work position and the environment, and good communication, have a strong ability to coordinate resources, clear thinking, sensitive to new things;
5. Familiar with the operation process of foreign investment cooperation projects of state-owned holding companies is preferred.
Contact person: Chen Liangqiang
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Contact email: gjyy_hr@163.com

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