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All cadres and employees of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry:
One yuan starts again, everything is renewed. On the occasion of the New Year, on behalf of the party and government team of the company, I wish to extend New Year's greetings to all the cadres, staff and family members of the company. Thank all the staff who have worked diligently and diligently in various positions for the past year. Thank all the dear family members who silently support our work all the time. Thank all the leaders at all levels and at home and abroad who support the development of the company. Businessmen, friends and colleagues from all walks of life. And to the most cordial condolences and sincere wishes! Unforgettable 2018. Looking back on the past year, it is an extraordinary year in the company's development history and a year full of vitality. Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry insists on making progress, overcoming difficulties and accelerating its progress. Over the past year, the company's team has been sincere and united, and the vast number of cadres and staff have made great efforts. Focusing on the company's production, operation and project construction, under the direct leadership and care of the provincial governor's investment group and with the support of leaders at all levels in Wuxue City, the company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, development linkage and project-driven, so as to expand a broad space for development. Self-accumulation, self-improvement, the leading product VB2 production and sales is still in the forefront of the world, or the global strong VB2 industry, has achieved outstanding performance beyond expectations, with its excellent core technology, excellent quality regulations and rapid growth, expansion, market share index and competitiveness index growth rate are among the industries. Qianmao; the pharmaceutical industry breaks through the encirclement to achieve considerable development; the main business income, profits and taxes, technical and economic indicators exceed expectations.
In 2018, under the guidance of the new leadership, we will have a broader vision and more flexible thinking. We will base ourselves on the extended chain of the original pillar industries, adjust the structure, highlight the main pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, diversify the development and expand the development space to cover 2001 mu of bio-industrial park, Wuxue Branch, Mengzhou Branch, Xianning Branch and Jikanggong Branch. Based on the platforms of production bases and scientific research institutions, such as Division, Puxin Company and Institute of Applied Technology, Post-doctoral Research Workstation, International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, etc., the company builds the backbone of its development with the rapid development of VB2, VB6, VB12 and other VB series of excellent products, pharmaceutical solid preparations and large infusion series products. Based on the development of resources, new economic growth points have been continuously nurtured, and the two-system construction, one red, one green, safety and environmental protection management system has been further promoted and strengthened. Both the blueprint for planning and the layout of the future have created new development milestones.
Look back at 2018. The Party Committee of the Company actively practices the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, organizes and carries out the theme activities of building a clean and honest Party conduct, refines and implements the activities of "brightening identity and building image", solidly promotes the "two learning and one doing" learning and education, and promotes all units to achieve success in serving the economic development. Over the past year, the company has made great progress in Party building, management, personnel training and staff cultural life. These achievements can not be achieved without the hard work and dedication of cadres and staff. 2018 is worth a good collection. We have gone through the ups and downs of economic development and made progress together. We have offered suggestions for creating vigorous Guangyao medicine. We have worked together to build a harmonious atmosphere for the development of Guangyao medicine. We have worked together to depict a bright future for the steady progress of powerful Guangyao medicine.
Looking ahead to 2019. We will face new opportunities and challenges. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will keep in mind the grand goal of building Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the keynote of "accelerating layout, transforming development, deepening reform, promoting synergy, strengthening management and control, and improving quality", adhere to the principle of "efficiency first, quality first", break through the bottlenecks of talent and capital that restrict development, and strive to achieve the annual planning war. The strategic goal is to build the "fate community" of all Guangzhou pharmacists, create a new situation for the development of Guangzhou pharmacy, and achieve a new leap forward in the development of Guangzhou pharmacy.
Looking forward to the future. The strategy and vision for 2030 are inspiring and inspiring. Let's not forget our first intention, not humiliate our mission, move forward, work together, and continue the new chapter of the development of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry. It is the responsibility and mission of all Guangzhou Pharmaceutical People to take a foothold in the new era, demonstrate new achievements and create new achievements. Looking ahead, we will face new opportunities and challenges. We will devote ourselves to our work with more enthusiasm. Three pioneering ventures will be launched, based on the advanced international level, relying on the strength of scientific and technological innovation, to march into the world's first-class enterprises, and to open up a new era for Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry to 2030. Dear colleagues, you are the witnesses and builders of the development of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Enterprises. Let us always adhere to the cultural concept of "seeking from above and below, daring to be the first", play a meticulous professional spirit, be down-to-earth, faithfully perform the duties of the post, and make positive contributions to the development of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical with greater enthusiasm. Finally, I sincerely wish you all good health, smooth work and happy family in the new year!
Let's go into the brand new 2019 with confidence and expectation.
Happy New Year to you all! All the best!
Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee: January 1, 1919, Anjing

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