Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry "Qingtong Training Camp" officially opened
June 11, 2019, Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry first "Qingtong Training Camp" training course officially opened! Wang Xukun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee (presiding over the work)
Provincial Governor Investment Group held the launching ceremony and mobilization meeting of "Safety Production Month" in 2019 in Huisheng Pharmaceutical Industry
This newspaper news (correspondent Rao Cailu) May 30, the provincial governor investment group safety production site work meeting and the 2019 "safe production month" launch ceremony mobilization meeting was held in Xianning Guangji
Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry's First "Ankang Cup" Safety Knowledge Competition Closed Successfully
he first "Ankang Cup" safety knowledge competition of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry, sponsored by Guangji Pharmaceutical Safety Committee and the company trade union, was held on June 28 in the conference room on the fourth floor of the company.
Sanli Company of Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a special meeting on "Never Forget the Initial Heart and Keep the Mission in mind". The meeting was organized by Sanli Company of Guangji Pharmaceutical Co.
On August 21, the Party Branch Committee of Guangji Pharmaceutical Sanli Company held a special life meeting on "Never Forget the First Heart, Keep the Mission in mind" in 2019. The Party Branch Committee and members of the team attended the meeting.
Ruan Zhongyi, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Guangji Pharmaceutical Industry, went to Mengzhou Company to conduct safety inspection and guidance work.
From August 19 to 20, Ruan Zhongyi, member of Guangji Pharmaceutical Party Committee and deputy general manager, went to Mengzhou Company to conduct safety inspection and guidance. Hu Yonggan, chairman of Mengzhou Company, warmly welcomed the arrival of Ruan Zhongyi and his party and accompanied them for inspection.

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